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Gentleman Haircut - $35

Top Quality Haircut (Blowout, Bowl Cut, Comb-over, Crew Cut, Fades, Taper, Brooklyn, Faux Hawk, Mohawk, Hipster, Military, Spiky, Flat top)

Time in Chair: 30 – 45 minutes

Skin Fade - $ Variable Price

A skin fade service is a type of men's haircut where the hair gradually transitions from longer lengths on top to completely shaved or very short hair at the sides and back. This creates a smooth gradient effect that blends seamlessly into the skin, giving a clean and modern appearance.

Buzz Cut - $25

A Haircut using one guard over the head and the edges finishing with timmer (no scissors, no fades, no straight razor)

Time in Chair:  15 – 20 Minutes

Head Shave - $35

Includes hot towel and steamer using the best blades in the market for better precision shave, how your deserve it. 

Time in Chair : 30 – 45 minutes

Hot Towel Shave - $30

Beard trim and  hot towel shave using the best blades and high level products to keep your skin smooth and clean. 

Time in Chair : 20 – 30 minutes

Haircut and Beard Trim - $45

Top quality haircut and a beard trim.

Time in Chair: 30 – 40 minutes

Haircut, Beard Trim and Hot Shave - $55

Top quality haircut, beard trim and relaxing hot towel shave, using the best hair products and the best blades, finishg with a beard products for your convenience.

 Time in Chair: 40 – 60 minutes

Regular Kids Haircut ( Under 10 yrs ) - $25

Top quality haircut for our little buddies. (Kid’s under 10 years)

Time in Chair: 20 – 30 minutes

Kids Skin Fade Haircut (Under 10 yrs) - $30

Skin Fade for our little buddies (Kid’s under 10 years)

Time in Chair: 30 minutes

Wild Package - $85

Our most relaxing service at the shop, includes haircut, hot towel shave/ beard trim, skin detox facial, ear and nose wax (optional). You will ask what skin detox facial means.. well it will help to eliminate blackheads and whiteheads plus removes toxins and most important reduce your stress..

Time in Chair: 80 – 100 Minutes

Ear and Nose Wax - $ Variable Price

The ear and nose wax removal service offers a safe, effective and gentle solution to keep your ears and nose clear. Using advanced techniques, our trained professionals ensure a comfortable experience. Whether you need a routine maintenance, trust our experts to provide meticulous care and restore your comfort.

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